#NYTechResponds Day 3 Wrap-Up: Hackthon, New Sites/Apps

Update Provided by Rob Underwood

We have received a number of e-mails, tweets, etc. expressing enthusiasm for a hackathon. To make the best use of resources and respond to the most pressing needs, here’s the current plan:

  • Continue to maximize the use of the various co-working spaces that have opened their doors to members of the technology community to work together on pressing needs. Needs are being fielded via NY Tech Meetup and a dedicated crew of volunteers, and being matched to the list of tech volunteers who have raised their hands. A full list of  co-working spaces can be found using the http://sandycoworking.nytechresponds.org/ tool
  • Work with several planned upcoming hackathons; encourage them to focus on Sandy related relief projects
Hurricane Hackers
Our friends at Hurricane Hackers have made a lot of progress today. Two particularly notable developments:
Tools and Key Links
Here are some helpful links and URLs right now as the response continues:

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