Places to Volunteer in NJ

Provided by Bret Morgan

To get on a call list for volunteers people can go here –

Sea Bright is in need of volunteers – you can go here for more info –

#NYTechResponds – Day 5 Wrap-up

Guest Post from Rob Underwood

#NYTechResponds – Day 5 Wrap-up
The hard work of Sandy recovery continues and so too does a surge in enthusiasm and cooperation as people from around the city, and around the world, work together to find ways to help those most impacted by the storm. The NYTM community, along with friends and fellow technologists from communities such as Hurricane Hackers and Crisis Commons, remain committed to doing everything we can to get NYC back on its feet. A couple of helpful tools and links to keep handy in this effort:
  • If you are a volunteer with technical skills, and would like to work on some of the technology related response, please let us know by filling out this form –
  • If you, your business, or non-profit organization are in need of specific technology related support to get back on your feet, use this form – Examples of help might include connectivity troubleshooting and restoration, database recovery, or help getting a POS system up and running again.
  • If you have an idea for a technology project – i.e., a new app, tool, platform to help in the recovery – or are already working on something, take a moment to enter it here This will help us to coordinate across developers and development teams, avoid duplicate efforts, and find additional opportunities for collaboration and re-use. As the immediate rescue efforts begin to wind down over the next week, we’ll be turning our attention to how we can help solve the long term problems those impacted by Sandy will face, while looking to create durable platforms to help us better recover next time.
In the spirit of #NYTechHelps, our campaign to encourage the technology community to get out and take direct action in the recovery, we hope you all will find a volunteer spot near you and show up tomorrow to help our city heal.

Updated Transit Information

If you need updated transit information, WNYC has a great transit tracker:

Today’s Call to Action: Find On-the-Ground Ways to Help

People are still in significant need of on-the-ground assistance with everything from getting food and water, to cleaning up their spaces. There are a number of resources out there to find opportunities in your neighborhood – here are few lists that we’ve compiled:

List by Borough for Today (Friday):

Running List by Borough from WNYC:

Guide from Brokelyn on where to volunteer this weekend:


#NYTechResponds Day 3 Wrap-Up: Hackthon, New Sites/Apps

Update Provided by Rob Underwood

We have received a number of e-mails, tweets, etc. expressing enthusiasm for a hackathon. To make the best use of resources and respond to the most pressing needs, here’s the current plan:

  • Continue to maximize the use of the various co-working spaces that have opened their doors to members of the technology community to work together on pressing needs. Needs are being fielded via NY Tech Meetup and a dedicated crew of volunteers, and being matched to the list of tech volunteers who have raised their hands. A full list of  co-working spaces can be found using the tool
  • Work with several planned upcoming hackathons; encourage them to focus on Sandy related relief projects
Hurricane Hackers
Our friends at Hurricane Hackers have made a lot of progress today. Two particularly notable developments:
Tools and Key Links
Here are some helpful links and URLs right now as the response continues:

Airbnb Is Offering Fee-Free Rentals

Update provided by Rob Underwood

Airbnb is offering fee-free rentals for #Sandy Survivors. See